Minus the above

wild garlic
Wild Garlic in St. Catherine’s Park, Leixlip

A quick post, just by way catching up.

Training is going okay. I am shy a few miles each week, but as long as I am getting out on the days when I am supposed to, and get near the target, I am happy. And stay injury-free too.

S has had to pull out of her triathlon at the start of June, so rather than let the ticket go to waste, I have been deputised into taking part. In truth, I don’t mind at all. And it means I can take the bike out the odd time, in lieu of a run (as long as I respect the three-times rule: a 10k run equals a 30k bike ride).

The event is the TriAthy, down on the River Barrow, in Athy town. The last time we were there was for our heroic Great Barrow Run last year. Quite a different event this time: it’s the Try-a-tri event, so a short 250m swim, a 20k bike, and 3.8k run. So it should all be over fairly quickly. I have also managed a few dips in the local lake, though I admit these have been more recreational than training. But at least it’s some form of cold water swimming if nothing else.

bin squirrel

On my long run today (20 miles plus), I found a perfectly good Grey Squirrel, discarded in a rubbish bin. Well, in truth, the squirrel was just dumpster-diving for tasty morsels and seemed to have found something to its liking. Bless.

And as I trotted around, I contrived to work on a running philosophy that will hopefully encourage me around Connemara in August. It’s a pretty standard runners trick, though not everyone uses it. Essentially, when on a long run, don’t add up. Subtract.

Think not about how many miles there are to go, but how many you’ve done. Each mile is not just one mile in the bank, but one less off the total.

As I say, not much of a parlour trick of the mind, but if you play your cards right, you can eke a little extra energy out of it. Think of it has a psychological caffeine gel!

Our duper-duper greyhounds continue to delight. Of course, there are some drawbacks. Freya is still a pup at nearly two. So there are some puppy-ish behaviours which involve robbing items of interest from the tables and counter tops and bringing them back to her bed. If they are vaguely food-related, they get chewed and/or eaten.

Odi, on the other hand, is more polite. Here he is, above, watching telly with me, and also watching my toast in case it should fall on the floor. If that was Freya, it would be gone. He’s one chilled out doggo!

Enjoy your training, and whatever you are up to right now.

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