Miles Remains

So the plan to run (at least) a mile every day for December is continuing.

Without doubt the hardest one so far was last Saturday. Friday night was the ‘office’ Christmas party with the fire crew, and even basic movement the following morning was rather unpleasant. The run happened much later that day!

About four of the days of each week are running days anyway, so they’re not a problem. Typically that might involve doing a 5k in the Park, with maybe a parkrun on Saturday if I’m free to do it, or possibly a longer run at the weekends. This is my build up to the half marathon on the last day of the year.

On a normal programme, the non-running days would be rest days, but now we have to sneak in that one mile somewhere. Not a big deal really; much of any training programme is not achieved downstairs in the legs department, but up on top, in the cranial area. You just have to get your mind right!

So the dreaded treadmill over in the station has come in handy lately (not to mention the fab headlamp I was given recently for my birthday). The treadmill has allowed us both to clock up that sneaky mile in that small slot between work and dinner.

Yet another mile bites the dust…

It’s no biggie. It’s no 50/50/50 Iron Cowboy ordeal. 1/31/1 has a nice ring to it, but one mile every day for 31 days in, em, one county really doesn’t stack up. The most important thing is to do it. Stick to the bargain. It’s good to get back to a regular routine which I haven’t had since the half-iron programme finished up at the end of September.

The first clip below is Roy Harper, and I believe we were at that gig too. It’s Roy Harper’s hommage to Miles Davis. The second one is a short clip from one of my favourite films, Cool Hand Luke. You just gotta’ get your mind right!


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